Surprising Info About Instagram That You Didn’t Know

Instagram is one of the leading social networking sites around today. Users share photos as they interact with friends, family, celebrities, and others on the site. Business owners also use the site to show off new products and to otherwise promote their business. People of all ages use the site, although the majority of users are under 35. But, there is so much more that you should know about IG and we’re here to shed some light on that! Read below to learn facts about the site that may very well surprise you!

An Inside Look

Instagram was founded in October 2010. The site was an instant success, although, like most other sites of its kind, it did take a bit of time to build its foundation. People liked the idea of sharing photos with other people, even celebs and businesses. It wasn’t long until the site became one of the names that seemed to roll off the tongues of so many people. After Facebook acquired the company in 2012, it exploded. Now, IG has more than 400 million members posting daily and has shown more than 40 billion photos through the years.

The Numbers Don’t Lie

Instagram is a site that is used in locations around the globe. In fact, approximately 80% of the site’s users are outside the United States!  Average users are between the ages of 18 – 29 and there are more females using the site than males. The site is so popular that 6 in 10 adults use the site! Businesses are leaning more toward the site these days than before as well, with approximately 35% of all companies having an Instagram or social media marketing budget in place.

How to Get Followers

Building followers is important to many people who use the site. The more people following you, the more fun and popularity you gain. Many ways to gain new followers exist. It’s ideal to put several of those techniques to work to get the most from the site. This includes uploading quality photos, engaging with customers, and making Instagram followers buy from a reputable company. Yes, it is possible to buy Instagram followers and get more exposure where it is due. Lots of people are using this technique so do not be lost out in the cold!

Insta is a site that is here to stay, and it only continues to increase in popularity with each passing day! Might as well get in on the fun and enjoy the site like so many other people already are. Embrace the fun that is out there for you to enjoy and the results can and will be phenomenal!  You can meet new people, build a name for yourself, promote products and services, share photos, learn new information, and otherwise eliminate boredom when using this site. It is beneficial to rush over, create your account, and let the fun begin.